A mushroom
that was actually
crying drops of liquid

Seen by Don and Mich
on trail to McNeil Point 8/13/15
at about 4000 feet

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The forest was very very dry
but his mushroom was
actually dripping liquid

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Photo courtesy of Mich

The abvove picture
shows a young
Red-Belt Conk
(Fomitopsis pinicola)

This is what a Red-Belt Conk
Normally looks like

Picture from Wikipedia

This is a somewhat
younger Red-Belt Conk

Picture by Jan Thornhill
at Web site Weid and Wonderful Wild Mushrooms

Water movement in plants

The water in these pictures is due to
a process called Guttation


This is essentially a suction process.
Water is pulled up from the roots or mycellium and goes out through pores

Ninety percent of the moisture that a plant takes in goes out of the plant by this provess
You can not visably see water leaving a plant by this process


A pushing rather than a pulling process
Excess moisture in the roots or mycellium acutally forces water to be exuded
Not as common as transpiration.

Guttation occurs in many type of plants This is a strawberry leaf

Three stages of Red-Belt Conk

Fomitopsis Pinicola –
Red-belted polypore

A woody perennial
The undersurface -- cream colored does not bruise brown.

Ganoderma brownie
Artist conk

similar, but not as dark. pores bruise brown, as opposed to yellow-buff

Ganoderma brownie
or Ganoderma applanatium
Artist conk
One can draw on the pore surface
as you see here

Picture from Wikipedia

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