Mushroom of the Month
May 2015

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Cook Morels well before eating
Do not eat raw Morels

Now lets talk about Verpas
Verpas are potentially Dangerous
Some people can eat them without ill effect,
However, many if not most people
become sick from eating Verpas
My recommendation: Do not eat Verpas

Click Here to see an excellent discussion
of the difference between Verpa and Morels

More pictures of Verpa

Enjoy some Delightful Morels, but be careful
Cook Morels before eating
Do not eat Verpas or Gyromitras
With any mushroom, eat
a small quantity first to see
if it has any effect on you

Note: the fact that you ate it once without ill effect
is no guarantee that it will not have an ill effect if eaten again

Again, a key to ID morels,
the cap is attached at the base of the stipe.
The stipe is hollow
The cap is often longer than the stipe
see below

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